Here is how you can help!

For Our Gift Makers

- It's simple to add a crocheted border on fleece blankets. 
- Why not cut the fabric long and narrow to make a shawl the same way. 

- Lap blankets could be made the same way!

- Other gift ideas could be ponchos, scarves, hats, mittens, to name a few.

- If you have other ways you make these kinds of items, let us know!

... let your imagination and creativity loose!!!

Donors Can Bless too!
- For those individuals that just do not have time or skills they think they need, but would love to bless someone else, here is how you can help us:

- Donate yarn or fleece (or other things you believe could be used to make gifts) making sure your name is on your donation.

- We will include your first name along with the person that made the gift so the "receiver" knows that more than one person took time to do something just for them!

-  If you have any questions, comments, know someone that could use our service, or want to provide some yarn or fabric, contact us through the Contact Us section of this website. 

I will respond to your correspondence as soon as possible.

-Volunteers to make a shawl or lap blanket, full size blanket or baby blanket by putting a crocheted border around the edge. 

- Volunteers to sew fleece heart pillows for breast cancer patients

-Volunteers to make hats and scarves for cancer patients.

In September of 2010 during an event at my church, God impressed on me that my recent interest in making blankets  for those that could use encouragement, goes deeper than just making the blankets.

The thought "Shawls To Share" came to mind, and with that, ways that many people could be blessed and comforted during a time of need in their life.

We desire to provide a gift of comfort and compassion to:

- Moms, Dads or Caregivers of newborns
- Seniors, for many circumstances
- Home bound or isolated individuals
- Widows, Widowers dealing with loss
- Oncology or Dialysis Patients
- Anyone experiencing a great loss or going through a difficult situation

If you know of an individual that would benefit from our ministry, please contact me by completing the Contact Page and you will be contacted to get more information.

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